Pink Holiday

December 12, 2011

Who says the approaching holidays must be dominated with shades of red and green? We adore the flirty and fun hues of pink that are just as celebratory for this time of year. Especially for those annual girlfriend gift exchanges. Dive into the fabulous inspiration we’ve gathered from around the web and do tell us what holiday decor you will be gathering for end of the year festivities.

Pink Holiday 1

Pink Holiday 2

Pink Holiday 2

Pink Holiday 4

Pink Holiday 5

Pink Holiday 5

Pink Holiday 6

Pink Holiday 7


Group 1: Wrapping, Shoes, Dessert

Group 2: Ornaments, Table

Group 3: Centerpiece, Vanity

Group 4: Hutch, Tea cups

Group 5: Table

Group 6: Champagne, Cards

Group 7: Candles, Wrapping, Ornaments

Group 8: Tree, Illustration

Group 9: Cards, Cloches

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